The school curriculum is broadly divided into Pre-Primary, Junior, Secondary and Senior Secondary sections.

Pre-Primary School Curriculum (Class Nursery to UKG)

At this stage, the tiny tots are trained to learn and develop the skills to read, write and speak. They are taught to how to write the alphabets and numbers. There is focus on oral work also as well as written work. Students are kept free from the heavy burden of regular home works.

Junior School Curriculum(Class I to V)

At this stage, the children are trained to learn and develop basic concept of the Languages, Environmental Science and Mathematics, besides recognizing the link between different fields of study. Sanskrit, Arts, Music, Dance and Physical Education are a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Secondary School Curriculum (Class VI to X)

The students prepare for the All India Secondary School Examination conducted by the CBSE. Besides being taught the Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, the students also study Information Technology. Emphasis is laid on Yoga, Music, Dance and Physical Education for a holistic development of the child. Sanskrit is compulsory up to VIII. They are also given a choice to opt for Urdu as a third language.

Senior Secondary Level (XI-XII)

The syllabus is in accordance with CBSE guidelines. The school offers Science stream in classes XI and XII. After careful career counselling, aptitude tests and appropriate C.G.P.A in class X various combinations of subjects are offered to students to enable them to pursue a career of their choice later in life. Students are prepared regularly for CBSE exams by concentrating on the prescribed CBSE syllabus, assignment booklets and monitoring programmes. Opportunities are provided at every level to the students for the exercise of their reflective powers, artistic abilities and practical work.